ATEES Infomedia Pvt Ltd

ATEES Infomedia exhibits a various number of web services to the clients, which is a major part of any business nowadays, without which it is impossible to display the efforts and exciting offers to the public. Some of the web services provided by us:

Web Development

Web Applications

UI & Web Design

Yet another service used frequently is web hosting. ATEES also practices the core components of web hosting which includes:

  • Web Server
  • Mail Servers
  • Database Server
  • Email Client

Types of web hosting services from ATEES:

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Free Web Hosting
Paid Hosting
Domain Hosting

Other type of options we provide in the types of web hosting are:
  • Shared Server Hosting - To share space on a single server by several webmasters
  • Dedicated Server Hosting - Exclusively for ATEES
  • Cloud Server Hosting - For cloud storage solutions

We are experts in hosting websites and apps for both windows and linux platform.